black magic

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Wrongfully accusing someone.

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Q. I am a practicing Muslim and I was recently accused of doing black magic to some close family members who are also practicing Muslims who wear parda and the whole works. They said I did thing to them for them to not see their way and they closed their gates on me when I… read more »


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Question: As Salaamu Alaikum. Is it permissible for one to wear (Ta’wez) a “guard” or “talisman in Islam? It’s a small piece of paper that has inscriptions on it perhaps in Urdu (I’m not sure) and it’s given to a person by a Maulana to wear? If  I am of the opinion that this item… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum,   A woman came to know about a dua that makes someone fall in love. She said that dua and blowed into water. She then gave the water to a man to drink to make him fall in love with her. Now, whatever she did, is it considered to be black… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alikum, Is lighting candle an reading from the book of David an Moses is permissible in Islam? . The person burns,  wears an bathe  with taweez from time to time from some website he got off the internet, which he have to pay for. He say people is doing him black magic… read more »

Getting affected by jinns

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Question: If someone is getting affected by jinns in any way…whether it’s dreams or in the literal life is it permissible to go to persons for healing and curing of this. I know of people who give affected persons “liquids” to throw around the household to keep away evil from entering the household and wearing… read more »