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Is it beneficial to eat just one salan (curry) as Rasoolullah S.A.S did?

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I heard of a story once where a buzrug came to tears when more than once salan was placed before him. He said he couldn’t eat more than once salan because Rasoolullah (s.a.w.s.) normally didn’t either. Since I heard this I have been very consistent in eating only one salan. Is this a good habit which will benefit or is it of no use to do? Should I continue with this habit? (North Korea)

This was the habit of the prophet peace be upon him and is correct. If you can adopt this in your life it is a great thing and a means of reward especially if you do it with the intention of receiving the reward. The prophet peace be upon him used to demonstrate dislike or disinterest towards this world what we are weak and because of our weakness and the nature we have more than one dish on our table cloths which is allowed in the Islamic law but if somebody tries to have only one dish on the table it would be preferable.

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