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How to unit all group in ONE

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Ulama of Deoband are dominating in all deeni activities. But in Pakistan and in some other places, there is a huge split amongst Deobandi who are involved in Jihad-e-Qitaal (Mujahideen groups) and Jihad-e-Talbigh (ex. Tabligh Jamaat). They dislike and disapprove one another. Please guide us on How can they and other deeni organization such as Madrassahs, Darul Ulooms, Khanqahs, & Charities respect one another, get along, and reach a compromise.
All the various groups of islam are similar and alike but they look as if they are different because of the difference of their activities. We should encourage for every group to work in its sphere while respecting others in theirs’ until their activity is in conformity with the quran. If there is something that’s contradictory to the quran then we cannot sanction it until they began to seek the truth and show the will to accept it. For that reason we have to spread knowledge, and the true awareness of deen.

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