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Fasting and the pill

Slms. I am taking the pill and have supper the placebo deliberately so that I can keep all my of the side effects however of the pill is that spotting / breakthrough bleeding can be experienced while on the active pill . I am fasting , however I am experiencing slight spotting in between. Is I have not missed any active pills . It’s not like a full period. Is my fast valid? Do I continue fasting ? What’s the ruling ? Jzk

Hanafi Fiqh

Unknown menstrual habit and dysfunctional bleeding


Please can you kindly help me to understand when I should be praying and when I shouldn’t.

I kept record of all my menstuation habits, but now realise that I have calculated everything wrong. I didn’t log any istihadah, or take into account any bleeding due to istihadah. So everything I kept a record of would be invalid.

I only wrote down the last time I saw bleeding before the maximum 10 days, but I didn’t write down any bleeding that took place after these 10 days, or of any bleeding before a 15 day purity.

For purity I calculated 15 days after I stopped bleeding (i.e; I counted when I stopped bleeding before the maximum 10 days, and then counted 15 days for purity from there).

Now I realise that this was the incorrect method and I was to take into account my previous months habit if I had any invalid bleeding/purity.

As I have been keeping record of my menstuation and purity this way for a long time, I don’t know what my last proper habit of purity or menstuation was.

I have been having bleeding that extends beyond 10 days, (usually 12 days from when menstuation starts). I take a bath and start praying once I reach 10 days.

Then I have 15 -17 days when I don’t bleed. I take these as purity. When I start bleeding again, I take these days as menstruation up to day 10. And the last 2 days (days 11 & 12 I discard as istihadah).

But sometimes my cycles get even shorter. Example: I bleed for 12 days, and then only have 12-14 days (after the maximum 10 days) no bleeding before I start bleeding again. And here I get confused, as I always have 12 days of bleeding, so I can’t understand wether I should discard the first few days of bleeding as istihadah, or wether I should discard the last few days as istihadah. (As my bleeding is 12 days.)

This has been happening for over 3 years, before this I used to have 8-10 days of menstruation and proper purity. Gradually my menstruation got longer and longer and then it started going over 10 days. At the same time my purity got shorter and shorter.

As I now don’t know what my habit used to be, please advise when I am to pray and when I am to abandon salah.

And I also wanted to ask, when I sometimes get 15-17 days purity (including the 2 days I bleed over 10 days) can I count this as a minimum purity habit? As this purity is in between two invalid bleeding (12 days on each side).

Jazak Allah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Minimum tashahhud

Assalamu alaykum,

Is the whole attahiyat wajib? If there is less time can the two testifications ashhadu alaa ilaha ila allah wa ashhadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu suffice if I am in hurry?

Thank you.

Hanafi Fiqh

Why is haidh so complicated

Assalaamu alaikum..I wanted to know why the topic if haidh is soo complicated if its something every girl or woman should know about …such as knowing exact number of blood ,purity , habit place etc…shouldn’t this have been a simple topic ? And what about women from today or in the past who didn’t have access to calendars or clocks to always be recording this information? Why is it soo complicated now?

Hanafi Fiqh


Assalaamu ‘alaykum mufti saahib. Is the act of vaping haraam? If so, what is the best way to quit for a person who has become addicted to such things? Jazākallah.

Hanafi Fiqh

Postpartum bleeding

السلام علیکم
I were having postpartum bleeding for almost 35 days. After that i started prayer but at 40th day bleeding started again. I am confuse either its post-partum bleeding or periods or isthaza.
This was my first pregnancy.
Please guide me regarding this matter.

Hanafi Fiqh

Insufficient Purity: Menstruation Query


I have a problem…  In the month of May I started on 8th and finished on 14th. In May I started 28th which means that there wasn’t a 15 day gap of Purity. This means that i am in istihadha. However, I do not know what I have to do. Does this mean i can pray as long as I do my wudhu for each prayer for all the 7 days that I am on for?

Or does it mean that I can pray until my 15 days gap have been done and then for the rest of the days i can’t pray? I’m not sure. I need to know… Jzk. Normal days that I’m on for is 7 days!