As my job is in the night shift i am not able to wake up for either Dhur or Asr prayer.

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As my job is in the night shift i am not able to wake up for either Dhur or Asr prayer. And if we see at the timinings of the salath according to Shafi or humbli madhaab they start a bit earlier then comparied to Hanafi. For eg: if the Asr prayer according Shafi starts with 3:40 Pm in the afternoon where as the hanafi says it starts at around 4:30 Pm. I want to know if i miss the Dhur prayer with Jamath will i m allowed to pray Dhur before 15 or 20 min of the ASR time according to Hanafi or Dhur salath had become Kaaza for me.

On the whole will i will be allowed to pray Dhur just 15 to 20 min before Asr time which is according to hanafi timinings of Salah. Any how according to Shafi or hambli i had missed dhur if there is azan for ASR.

I am basically from india and at present working in kuwait. My job is in the night shift from eveining 8 PM to morning 8 AM. I working as a computer operator in a company. In Gulf countries usually all the mosques follow on the practices of shafi or humbli madhaab, in which they will perform the prayers at the earliest time of the prayer or lets say in the starting time itself.

I hope i am able to explain my question to you. If there are any misunderstanding in the question please let me know.

Kindly guide me



If you perform Dhuhr Salaat before the expiry time of the Asr Salaat according to the Hanafi Madhab, your Salaat will be Ada and regarded to be performed on time.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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