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If a hanafi imam leads the asr prayer, based on the insistence of his shafi followers, after the shadow is only the size of the things, would this be right or not?

If a hanafi person prays behind a shafi imam his asr prayer when the shadow of things is only one times as much the thing (which is a way of saying the time is valid for shafi’s not hanafis) would the person have to repeat the prayer?

Can you please translate the Ayat number 1 from Surah Hijr?

In tarikh Islam urdu maulana miah has written that meraj was in the eleventh year of prophet hood and in islahe khutubat urdu mufti taqi usmani and in seerah of final Messanger of Allah mufti shafi R. A. wrote that meraj was in the fifth year of prophet hood and in seerah of muhammed it has been written that meraj was in the tenth year of prophet hood which one is correct?