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Is it permissible to read quran during the time of zawaal and at other forbidden times?

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I know that there are three times when one should not offer namaaz. a.The time after fajr when the sun is rising. b.The time when the sun is at the center of meridian. c.The time when the sun is setting; before magrib. I have the habit of reading quran when i return after offering the fajr prayer. I was just wondering if I can read the quran because for a few minutes after fajr it is not allowed to offer prayers.Please advice.If reading quran is not permissible, is it also not allowed to indulge in zikr? 2.What are the forbidden times called; like one of the forbidden time is called zawaal(when sun is at its maximum height). What are the other two times called(the time after fajr and the time before magrib). 3.I have heard if one reads surah yaseen in the morning he gets the reward for reading the whole quran. Is this true? If true, by reading in the morning do we mean after fajr or before fajr? 4.Could you please tell me if we can offer the sunaah namaaz of fajr prayer when the fard is going on? A person told me we can offer the sunaah namaaz as long as we can expect to join the imaam while he is reciting the quran either in the first or second rakaah.I belong to hanfi madhab. Could you also please please tell the ruling of other madhabs in this regard because i find opinions divided. It will help me in telling people what is correct for them.Jazakallah for answering all my questions.


1. It is encouraged to make Dhikr after Fajr Salaat till after sunrise. The Qur’aan being the highest form of Dhikr reciting the Qur’aan after Fajr through sunrise is permissible.

2. The Arabic term for sunrise is “Tulu” and sunset is “Ghuroob”.

3. Reward of Surah Yaaseen, “Reading the morning” refers to any part before or after Fajr Salaat.

4. The Sunnah of Fajr Salaat may be performed only if there is hope in joining the Jamat before salaam. Otherwise, if there is hope of Jamaat one should join the Jamat without Sunnah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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