Hanafi Fiqh

It is better to pray many Nafl rakaats?

What is the most rakaats you can pray and is it better to pray this many? Also, is your tahajjud still regarded if you pray it an hour before fajr starts? Are you supposed to read the tahajjud dua as soon as you wake up for tahajjud or can you read it after you pray?

Hanafi Fiqh

How can we ensure success in competitive exams?

My daughter was appearing in engineering competition exam for last 2 years. She is a namazi, rozadaar girl, we are religious people. I am also a religious lady namazi, quran in my daily routine. For my daughter’s kamyabi I used to read salatul hajat daily for last 2 years and have read many wazifa like surah muzammil and surah Yaseen (repeatition of mubeen) and 41 times Alhamdo sharif in fajr for last 4 months before exams. She also studies daily for 15 hours. Now I have no yaqeen in dua and wazifa. She is again going to appear in June. Please tell me wazifa and dua for kamyabi in competition. She is also wearing a taweez for kamyabi. Please tell me in Urdu.

Hanafi Fiqh

Can women do Zikr Ilahi while in menses?

Can a lady recite Zikr Ilahi, Surah Fatiha in menstruation and can she make dua to Allah on the praying mat? Also does Allah SWT accept the dua of a menstruating women when the make the dua with all the Etiquettes? Can I wake up in tahajjud and fajr and just recite surah Fatiha and zikr ilahi and make dua for my hajat and will Allah SWT accept it as He would when we are clean and in paak state? (Canada)

Hanafi Fiqh

Istekhara for marriage

I know a boy, whom I met through a matrimonial site. He is well educated and religious and I feel that with him I would be happy. I don’t know much details about him as he has not provided them. Also the final decision will be taken by his father. I have been doing istekhara for 7 days but no result and no inclination in my heart either for yes or for no. Please tell me any specific dua that would help me. Should I carry forward with him or not and some dua by which his father would agree for our nikah. Please make dua for us as we both like each other a lot.

Hanafi Fiqh

Performing salaat

I have come from India last Sunday and I stay at the campus of University of Bridgeport. I don’t have car and I go to Mosque which is a mile far on cycle. Muslim brothers in the mosque told me not to come for Isha and Fajr because it is very risky coming on cycle and also I wear sunnat libaas. Shall I continue performing Isha and Fajr in my house or shall I go to mosque?

Hanafi Fiqh

Dua for job


I requested mufti naval ur rahman sahab damatbarakatuhum to provide any wazifa or dua for getting good job, he asked to get the dua from sharia board website.

Please share that dua.

Jazakallahu khair,

Syed Fasiuddin Ahmed Hussaini.

Hanafi Fiqh

Qaza Roza

Assalamu alaikum,

I have question about Qaza roza for Ramzan. I planned on keeping a Qaza roza for one of my previously missed Ramzan fasts. Fajr here is at 6.05am and I woke up at 5.35am but I then went back to sleep with the intention of keeping Qaza roza if I wake up before Fajr time/Sehri time (this is what I remember but not completely sure). 

However I woke up at 6.35am. I heard from another Mufti that for Qaza roza, if one changes his intention of fasting before Suhoor, the fast is not considered valid as the neeyat was not made to fast whole heartedly. I am not completely sure if I made neeyat of fasting even if I went to sleep at 5.35am.

So my question is: Should I have still carried on the day as if I was fasting? Also, what should one do if it was supposed to be a qaza roza (assuming you said yes to my previous question) but one eats/drinks as if there is no fast. Should I just keep a Qaza for the broken Qaza or do I need to make kaffarah for this broken Qaza roza?

Please advice for the sake of Allah.

Jazakallah khair.

Hanafi Fiqh

Seeing hairfall in dream


I am going to get married in 3-4 months

Friday after praying fajr prayer I slept and in my dream I have seen that surrounding my pillow my head hairs were fallen and  from my present beard only few beard hairs are left 

Please  interpretate what would b the cause and how to overcome if any difficulty is there