Do you have to raise your hand up to the level of your shoulders when you bow down for ruku and when you rise from ruku.

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The last prophet used to raise his hands up to the level of his shoulders or near his ears when going for ruku and rising from ruku.


According to the Majority Madhaahib (Shaaf’ee, Maaliki and Hanbaliy), one is
required to make Raf-ul-Yadayn before going to Ruku and when coming up from

According to Imaam Abu Hanifa, there is no Raf-ul-Yadayn before and after
Ruku. Both opinions are substantiated from Ahaadith. Based on the principle
of Taqleed, every person should follow the ruling of his Madhab as our small
drops of knowledge cannot be compared to the Imaam’s oceans of knowledge. We
do not have that qualification to judge which Imaam’s Ijtihaad is correct or
incorrect. Therefore, we should trust the Ijtihaad of any one Imaam we
follow and practise upon his ruling.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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