How do you pray the Witr prayer according to the sunnah?

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This three Rakaats Salaat is offered during the Esha Salaat.

First the two Rakaats are performed and after completing the Tashahhud stand
up in the original position with the arms folded.

After reciting ‘Bismillah’ and ‘Alhamd’ and a Surah, say, ‘Allaahu Akbar’
raising the hands upto the ears and folding them below the navel. Thereafter
recite the Du’aa Qunoot (softly).

One who does not know the Du’aa-e-Qunoot may recite, ‘Allaahumma aatinaa
fid-dunyaa hasanatan wa fil-aakhirat hasanatan wa-qinaa adhaab-an-naar’ or
say thrice, ‘Allaahumma ighfir-lee’ or three times, ‘Yaa Rabb’

Ta’leemul Haqq

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