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Does cream or oil prevent the validity of wudu?

Respected Mufti, It is stated in the Hanafi Fiqh book ‘Nur al- Idhah’ that in Wudu it is compulsory to remove anything which prevents water from reaching the skin (such as wax and fat). Hence if one has moisturised ones face/ hands with cream or oil then does this mean that one has to remove any traces of oil when performing wudu? This is because I have a dry skin condition so if I rub my face in order to remove the moisturiser I have applied, my skin becomes red, inflamed and painful. So in addition to the above question can you please give me advice as to how I should wash my face? May Allah reward you for your efforts.


If the skin oil or cream penetrates into the skin and does not create a surface on it, then the Wudhu will be valid.

Therefore, there is no need to remove such skin oil and cream. (Footnotes – Nurul Idaah).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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