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Divorce while wife is pregnant.

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Q. I was asked if it is permissible for a man to divorce his wife while she is pregnant or does he have to wait until she gives birth? Please advise. A. It is permissible for a man to divorce his wife when she is pregnant, however her waiting period will be until delivery. And… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, What is the iddah of a widow with no menstruation? I know a widow with menses is 4 months and 10 days but without menses how long will her iddah be? ANSWER: Wa Alaikum As Salaam Wa Rahmatullah, The iddah (waiting period) of a widow is 4 months and… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum, If a husband gives his wife divorce once and they are separated what is the law for this 3mths period and does the husband have to pay her an allowance within this 3mths if she is working ANSWER: Wa Alaikum As Salaam, In the case which you have asked about, the… read more »


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QUESTION: Message Body: What are the procedures of conducting a divorce through islamic rights… ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum, In Islamic teachings, a divorce comes about through the utterance of ‘divorce’ by the husband to the wife. If the husband utters a statement to his wife such as, ‘I divorce you’ or ‘I have divorced you’… read more »

Divorced By Text Messaging

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QUESTION: A husband Text I divorce three times at the same time…is it a divorce…and what if the couple want to reconcile   ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum, Yes, texting the divorce causes the divorce to occur. Seeing that the husband has sent the text to his wife that he has divorced her three times, three… read more »

Bleeding after miscarriage

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  Assalaamu Alaikum, If a woman when a intrauterine demises but in order to process with the miscarriage the hospital suggest she goes through a dnc / surgical evacuation so will her waiting period be the same as nifaas 40 days 40 nights, because the bleeding is lighter than nifaas  and the may stop within a… read more »

Missing Husband.

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Question: What is the Shariat’s ruling pertaining to a woman whose husband is missing? What can she do? Does she have to wait or can she marry another person. Answer: In this case the Hanafi jurists have given the fatwa upon the view of Imam Malik. Imam Malik’s view states that, ‘A woman should wait… read more »