toilet paper

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Removing impurity from garments.

Answered by Fatwa-TT.com

Question: If a drop of urine falls on innerwear/underwear due to cough or some pressure, do I need to change it before salah? or is it enough to wipe with wet tissue/cloth 3 times?   Its given that light physical impurity less than 3cm can be excused. If it is the case, how do we purify… read more »

Disposal of Interest Money from RESP

Answered by Mathabah.org

Answered by Shaykh Omar Subedar Question: I would like to know what I am to do with interest money on a RESP. I heard you could use this money to buy things, such as toilet paper, toilets and the like, but want to confirm and obtain reliable guidance in the matter. Answer: In terms of… read more »

Doubts Regarding Urine Droplets

Answered by Mathabah.org

Answered by Shaykh Yūsuf Badāt Question: After urinating, I always wash my private part properly and clean it. However I still have doubts that there may be a drop that came out afterwards. What should I do? Also, if a drop of semen or urine comes out, do you have to wash the whole cloth… read more »


Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: After going toilet, I make istibraa by tying toilet paper around my private part for about one hour. Then I take out the toilet paper and I wash myself. For the past few days, after I make istibraa and I wash myself, I see that after 2-3 minutes something comes at the tip of… read more »