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He completed his Aalimiyyah studies in Darul Uloom Azaadville and further studied his Iftaa course at Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah – both in South Africa.

Ruling on wadi.

Answered by Fatwa-TT.com

Question: Assalamo Alikum, I have this problem that has occured two times so far on different days. When I use toilet and as I start peeing (sitting) , I have noticed that very thick fluid came out and it really looks like semen (mani) . But it just came out on it own and I… read more »

Discharge after passing urine

Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: I suffer with bad thoughts that come into my mind during istinja. I always wipe and check to see if discharge came out and would see white discharge. It would worry me if mani came out and so I would check after passing urine and before cleaning. Sorry for this amount of detail. Because I… read more »

What is mani and mazi?

Answered by Muftionline.co.za

Q: I wanted to know what exactly is mani and mazi. I know one is thick and one is thin but what about the excitement thing? Mani means you have to have a ghusal and mazi is just whudhu, but I’m not sure what they actually look like. Is mazi like water (just liquid) or… read more »