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Question about spreading of impurity


i have neglected matters of purity for a long time. when I would use the toilet, urine drops would get onto my trousers at the crotch region and I wouldn’t pay attention to it. i would have wet dreams and najasat (mathi, mani and urine, as it was there from before) would get onto my bedsheets and I wouldn’t change them. i would sit on that area with wet clothes and sit everywhere else in the home with those wet trousers. there isn’t any sign of najasat but I sat on those areas with wet, impure trousers/
After reading, I know realise that my clothes were impure and everywhere I sat and touched has now become impure and I don’t know what to do.
i’ve touched everything with wet hands in the kitchen, living room and bathroom and other peoples rooms. I would wash my legs and put those impure trousers on with wet legs and walk on the carpet with impure wet feet. I’ve touched everything in the house with wet hands including

Bed frames (non porous)
Doors (paint peeling off showing the non porous wood)
Clothes (mine and my family’s)
Walls with wallpaper peeling off
I do not know what to do as I feel everything is impure and if I tried purifying them, they would become impure from my family touching them with wet impure hands and it has gotten in the way of my namaaz.

Please can you help?

Thank you very much

Hanafi Fiqh

Mani or Madhi doubts

Salaam moulana,
When I go sleep I wrap a tissue around my private part to avoid underwear becoming napaak due to situation below
Majority of days upon awakening when i check the tissue i find wetness on the tissue that seems like it must have come out very recently to the size of less than a 1p coin. This wetness on the tissue absorbs and is no longer visible after a few minutes. I assume this is madhi and do not perform ghusl is this the correct thing to do?

I know when i have a wet dream then the wetness on the tissue is the size of 5-10cm’s like a circle and the tissue is heavy whereas the situation described above is around a circle of 1cm or less. Due to the quantity difference is it correct to assume this is only madhi that is seen nearly daily as no dream is seen and no signs of heavy gushing etc and therefore no ghusl required.

Situation B:
Some days there is no wetness but couple of minutes later clear liquid oozes out. I assume this is madhi too. Is this correct?


Hanafi Fiqh

Transfer of Impurity

I didnt know that impurity could transfer from one article to another. quite often, i would get najasat ghaliza (urine, madhi, mani) on my bedsheet and it would dry, and then sometimes i’d sit on that spot with wet trousers. those same trousers, i would put those on with wet legs and walk on the carpet and sit on the sofa etc.

1) my question is how would i purify the carpet because i walked all over the house it would be quite difficult to change it. i would pour water over the carpet, but i fear that may cause the floorboards to get damaged. is it possible to use a carpet washer as such ( if no, what is the correct way to purify the carpets?

2) ive also touched a lot of things around the house with impure hands. walls with wallpaper, what would be the way to purify? is a wet cloth sufficient?

thank you very much for your help.

Hanafi Fiqh

Controlling sexual desire and masturbation

Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh
I am struggling to control my sexual desires. I know masturbation is wrong but can’t stop it totally. Mostly daydreaming about sex, meaning I get sexual images in my mind. I feel sometimes my sexual arousal and images happen automatically without I am doing anything. Sometimes it happens suddenly. Its so bad it even happens during the salah. Because of this I require ghusl, I am too lazy to have ghusl so I stop praying salah. Some days I am free from it this is when I do manage to pray salah. I try to fast here and there but I can’t do it always because of my health problems. I also don’t have option to get married because of my financial and health problems. I don’t watch porn but struggle to keep my gaze down. Could you please offer some religious advise? Can I continue praying if happens during salah?
Thank you.

Hanafi Fiqh

Wet dream for women

Assalaamu’alaikum Mufti Sab

1) What is meant by a wet dream for a woman? Does it mean she has to reach climax and have an orgasm in the dream or can it just be kissing and hugging and no intercourse in the dream?

2) If she sees no flowed out discharge on the tissue upon waking up but when she dabs the tissue in her private part there is what looks like the normal amount of discharge she usually gets, does she still need ghusl if she does not know what mani looks like, but the discharge she sees upon waking up looks like the normal discharge she gets?

3)What is the description of mani for a women?

4)Finally does a specific amount of discharge (mani) need to come out for it to be considered mani, like even a dot?

Jazakallahu khairan for you time in helping me understand this issue.

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