Nervous in leading taraweeh

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

Salaam Alaikum Shaykh.
My Question is :
I sometimes am asked to lead the Jamaat Namaz in our Masjid. I am a Hafiz Quran. The problem is I get extremely nervous once I’m on the Musalla. I even start shaking. I then can’t read Qirat properly. Ramadhan is here and I have to Lead Taraweeh . I’m worried. Please advise me as to overcome this. Any advice or Dua will be greatly appreciated. Also please remember me in your Dua’s.
JazakAllah Khairun.

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Walaikumussalam w w

You sound too negative. Be positive. Inshallah Allah will make things easy.

When reading Surah Fatiha, focus on ‘Wa Iyyaka Nastaeen’ and in your mind, seek Allah’s help and continue reciting with your tawajjuh towards Allah.

May Allah help u get rid of the waswasa. Wassalam

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