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AoA Interpretation and few questions Please

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A few months ago a friend had this dream that he was sleeping inside the local mosque. And I came to woke him up with most joy and told him that my father agreed that I can marry him. We then went to talk to the Imam. Following that we went to the back of the mosque were he removed my scarf and veil. I also had a dream that my same man, my father and I were at the mosque. All three were happy. No words were spoken. But it was understood amongst all three of us that my father had agreed on us getting married. I understand that the origin of dreams are from 3 sources. But can u please tell me if the above dreams are good or bad or just a trick of ones mind? Maybe a bit of background might assist with the interpretation. The man is a jewish convert. Which my pakistani tablighi father doesn’t like. Both our parents have suggested us prospective spouces from our respective background. About the removal of my veil he was the only friend to encourage me to wear nakaaf 2 months ago, which alhamdulillah I started. Or islamic society being small and westernised, my mother is the only other person to do the same. So you can see it is not so easy without support.


The dream is a positive sign. However, Nikah is a major step in ones life
and you should exercise precaution in committing to that by making Istikhara
and also seeking the advise and guidance of your parents as well as other
reliable persons.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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