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A salafi sister keeps criticising my salah

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi

A salafi sister keeps criticising the way I pray. especially about sajdah, that I put my arms on the ground like a dog, I have showed her a ahadeeth as she asked me and she showed some ahadeeth too and she claims they are Saheeh, but I did not ask for any.
I told her a women’s namaz/Salah is different to a mans and it is best to ask a scholar/Aalim, if you have any issues as there are so many various narrations and only a scholar would know more. I further told her that we only know one portion. I told her a women’s salah is all about concealment.

Answer: Please watch my video regarding this matter- Are there Differences in the Salah of men and women?


The salafi sisters actions are out of character, sahabas nd sahabiyyaat had diffrent opinions but they never vilified the the other person. They would respect the other person and had great love for one another.

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