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Going ahead of the Imaam in Salaah

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Does the Salaah of a follower in Salaah become invalid if he performs Ruku or Sajdah before the Imaam? A. A follower (Muqtadi) must not precede the Imaam in Salaah and must follow the Imaam in every posture of Salaah. If a follower makes Ruku’ or Sajdah before the Imaam does so, the Salaah… read more »

Forgetting to perform Sajdah Sahw in Salaah

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. If a person made both Salaams and finished Salaah and then remembers that he forgot to make Sajdah Sahw which was necessary, does he have to repeat the entire Salaah? A.The procedure of performing Sajdah Sahw is as follows: In the last sitting posture of Salaah, one will recite Tashahhud and make one Salaam… read more »

Forgetting to recite Tashahhud in Salaah

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. If I am following the Imaam or reading Salaah alone and I did not recite the Tashhuud because of no concentration, is my Salaah valid? A. The recital of Tashahhud in Salaah is necessary (Waajib). However, if a follower did not recite the Tashahhud in Salaah whilst performing Salaah behind the Imaam, the Salaah… read more »