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Tahajjud Salaah with Jamaat

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I have witnessed that some Ulama perform Tahajjud Salah with Jamaat during Ramadhan and I have been informed by other Ulama that this is Makrooh in Hanafi Madhab. I have also been informed by Ulama that since this is a regular event at many places the regularity in itself serves as an advertisement, however my question is not regarded the daleel from the Ulama & Mashaykh who follow this practise as obviously they must have their daleel.

My question is whether it’s permissible for a laymen Hanafi or an Alim to let go of the sound position of his Madhab and participate or initiate this practise based on his eye witnessing this matter from major Ulama & Mashaykh?

If the answer given to me by other Ulama that this practise is Makrooh within the Madhab is inaccurate, please correct my understanding.

Jazakullah Khairun


There are both versions in the Hanafi fiqh.

  1. It’s makrooh tanzeehi
  2. It is allowed provided there is no advertising and annoucements.

So one is allowed to take from within the mazhab, not from outside the mazhab. And this would also be to search for the more stricter view and the one which seems more closer to Allah’s pleasure, not for ones own pleasure . Lengthy Tahajjud is not easy.

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