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How can we baqash Surah Yaseen on a dead person?

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Is it haraam to baqash Surah Yaseen on a dead person? Because my aunt died recently and I read Surah Yaseen 3 times for her. If this is not haram please tell me how I should baqash it on her.

To do good deeds on behalf of the dead people is not wrong it is recommended and virtuous. Therefore, you can recite sura yasin and send its reward to the dead is permissible. After reciting it you should pray to Allah, ask him to accept it and bless the dead. Sometimes out of respect you should start with the Prophet peace be upon him than your relatives. If the person wants than he can include in his prayer all the Muslims.

A person can say, bless the spirit of the Prophet peace be upon him, the spirit of his companions, the spirit of all the righteous people, all the Muslims, and my relative so and so.

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