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Concept of Wearing Hijab

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I would like to hear you take on the concept of wearing a hijab. and then what do you think about the fact that girls wear hijab but wear lots of make-up or any make-up, with un-modest dress. Can you please answer in the light of Quran and hadith.
Concept of Wearing Hijab
The concept of hijab in Islam is that a woman should cover her entire body such that her body is concealed, her face is hidden, and her clothes are veiled. She can show her eyes; the Islamic hijab is this hijab. There is a clear statement of this Quran and Hadith. A woman should wear loose clothing not simulating the wardrobe of men. When she goes out, other men should not see her make up. Make up is only for her husband, hence, she can do make up while still in the bounds of Shariah only for her husband.

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