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Issue of Tablighi jamat..

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The Tablighi jamat is creating sects in the Ummat, and scholars of Islam have written books pointing that issue. How come their islah is not being processed by our elders? They confuse the fact between Dawat, Knowledge and Tazkiyah. For example four months brothers are given priority in the weekly ishtema to give talks over Ulama Ikram. I have heard an old worker the AMEER of a community said they will do ghusht on MARS, the planet and take three days jamats to the moon. These people sit on the mimbar and they break the rules of talking beyond the six points. I want to go in Jamat, but I see these people talking nonsense, talking about going to different planets to spread deen. Mufti Sahib please advise me if the Sahaba or our elders made such intentions and expeditions.
Lets say if someone approaches and says because of demoralization of muslims and their ill character I don’t want to come in islam but I like islam, whatever response will be to this person is the same response here. You should do the work of tabligh with all of its conditions and overlook the shortcomings of people. We will be held accountable for this work because we are responsible members of it, not for people in it.

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