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Selling jewellery

Is my earnings haram if I sold jewelry to a woman who doesn’t most likely seem to wear hijab? I work as a agent for the seller and I don’t own any products. I just post pictures of any product I like to sell and when I get customer. I send the customer information to the sellers and they deliver the product to the customer and I get commission and I work for many online sellers and I post their products in my Instagram business account. Some of the sellers want delivery charge from the customer to confirm the order to make sure so that they don’t cancel the order later and so that we don’t have to pay the delivery charge instead of them since customers pay for the products and delivery charge.

1.Is everything halal in this type work?
2. Am I doing anything haram or
my earnings from selling this Jewelry haram?
2. is pre-order haram if we receive only 50% advance?

Hanafi Fiqh

Secret marriage at a young age

Assalam Alaikum,

I am a student and I have fell for a guy that’s also a Muslim and he’s kind hearted, smart and is well with his deen. We have one issue as we can’t get acceptance by both of our parents. We are tired of being in haram and want a Nikkah and make it halal by next year. Our parents will not accept this though because we are young and … We both have become more pious. I have started hijab, and have felt closer with Allah with him. Is there a way to do Nikkah in secret. We are Hanafis and in our madhab Nikkah without a Wali is allowed. Can we do a nikkah in secret and make a legal marriage as soon as we hit 18? One more point. If our parents accept in the future can we redo the Nikkah for show?

JazakAllah Khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Trying to do good, but find myself slipping. Seeking advice.


As salaam alaikum,

Dear brother/sister,

I honestly don’t know where to start. It’s been 2 years now that ive been a practicing muslimah alhamdulillah. I wasn’t always stable though…I had my ups and downs. I am engaged to a wonderful and pious man. So everything seemed to be alright…but now I feel like everything is collapsing. Ive waited for 3 years to do the study Ive always wanted to do. They finally accepted me and this is my first year. But things are not going wel with my study..I feel like Im not going to make it this year and that wil be another year spent. Plus..i have no other choice after way out. So thats really making me depressed at the moment.

Also..I want to wear the hijab asap but my parents won’t let me. I tried to wear it a year ago but they wouldnt let me…it was impossible at that moment. And lets not even mention my health…Ive been soo sick lately…everything hurts, my whole body..I feel so weak..I have a lot of health problems lately.

And my husband (I dont live with him yet) expects a lot from me. He has always been a faithful and pious man…he doesnt miss any prayer…he reads a lot..he knows a lot about islam. But me…I am a failure..i truly am. It’s been a month now that I havent been praying…I had a study loan because I couldnt pay my study..I dont read, I dont practice so often. And I have the feeling that because of my behaviour towards the Lord…I am in this position now. I am losing a lot..and I dont know how to handle it cause problems are just about to start. I am sure that when my parents find out that I am gonna wear the hijab and dont want a wedding party, they will make things very difficult for me.

People keep telling me…make the prayer..those things I already know…thats not what I want to know. I want to know how I can get out of this position and how I can increase my imaan…cause thats where all the problems start I guess.

I know this story is too long…I just hope someone can at least give me some good advice for I have no friends and can’t be honest about this to my husband.

I am looking forward to an answer.

jazakallah khair.


Hanafi Fiqh

Reverting to my niqab and steadfastness



I really want to do an alimah course but i don’t know where to start from. I have no friends who are practicing muslims. Another thing is i use to wear a niqaab from 2005. I took it off in 2009 and that was the biggest mistake I ever made. I have never took my abaya and hijab off but recently i am craving to wear my niqab again as i know it will protect me from a lot of things. Even with my loose abaya and hijab i have men staring…and i don’t want anyone looking at me. I am married. I fear Allah .. My family will laugh and say for how long now? Can you please advise me.

Jazakallahu khairan.


Hanafi Fiqh

Full Hijab and Dealing with Feeling of Pride


I have recently, alhamdulillah started wearing full hijaab, which of course includes the niqaab, and i have realised that as i walk down the street, I walk with a lot of confidance and pride; proud of the fact that I am a muslim woman in hijaab, unafraid of the western world. I do not want to appear a weak, submissive stereotype of a Muslim Woman, which is stopping me from walking with my gaze down, as I should be.

I feel, however that this pride and confidance is not right somehow, and that it is preventing me from feeling modest, and having humility, traits of a good muslim woman… please can you tell me the correct way of how a muslim woman should walk and behave when out in public.

What has the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, said about women in hijaab, pride and the way they conduct themselves.

Hanafi Fiqh

Dentist job of my wife

Assalamu alaikum. I am an engineer and my wife is a housewife who has a bachelor’s degree in dental sergery. I can afford my family expenditure from my salary anyhow, but not luxurily like other engineers whose wife also does a job. My wife wants to do a job (wearing...

Hanafi Fiqh

Is Genetic Couselling allowed in Islam

Assalaamu’alaikum, I want to study to become a genetic counsellor (to only work with female patients) and I want to know if it’s allowed in Islam. Also for Muslim patients to seek genetic counselling if it’s allowed. Please google search as I understand it’s uncommon....