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Rules regarding promises

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Some of our friends had gone to USA for higher studies, and have sign a bond with the Government, that after completion of their studies, they will come back and teach in the university, where they were teaching before. Now by one pretend or the other they are not coming back and have breach the Ahad (promise). The Government has spent more than $50,000 on each, while their technical expertise is urgently needed now. What is the punishment for such person in shariah, in this world and on the day of judgment. Please explain in light of Hadith and Quran. (Pakistan)

If your promised then you’ll be liable for breaking promise and there is a particular type of punishment for that and it is a bad thing. If you didn’t really make promise to the government or you censored that promise then there is no punishment for that. It is allowed in the Islamic law that a person can seek his earning anywhere in the world.

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