Fidyah for prayers of 20 years

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I have a question regarding my father who passed away. He has 20 years of qaza prayers. If we have to pay his fidyah, how much would it be? 


Fidyah for prayers of 20 years

 الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

It is compulsory to give amount equal to one صدقۂ فطر (Sadaqah e Fitr) in lieu of every Salat, i.e., one would calculate five Fard Salat and one Witr equaling six Salat of each day for twenty years and would distribute equivalent wheat or its price among the poor. The amount of صدقۂ فطر (Sadaqah e Fitr) is one kilo and 575 gram wheat.

It should be clear that the Shara’i ruling for فدیہ (Fidyah) is that if the deceased has left money and has made will for the فدیہ (Fidyah) then it is compulsory for the heirs to pay the فدیہ (Fidyah) from one third of the inherited money. If there was no money inherited or money is inherited but there is no will or the money is too little then in this condition it is not compulsory on the heirs to give the فدیہ (Fidyah). If the heirs want to give the فدیہ (Fidyah) from the inherited money then everyone must agree to it. If someone wants to give it from their personal money then it would be a تبرع اور احسان (favor) and it is hoped from the being of Allaah Ta’alaa that the deceased would be relieved of the due upon him.

ولو مات وعلیہ صلوات فائتۃ وأوصی بالکفارۃ یعطی لکل صلوۃ نصف صاع من برّ کالفطرۃ، وکــذا حکم الوتر والصوم وإنما یعطی من ثلث مالہ، وفي الشامي: فیلزمہ ذٰلک من الثلث إن أوصی وإلا فلا یلزم الولي ذٰلک؛ لأنہا عبادۃ فلابد فیہا من الاختیار، فإذا لم یوص فات الشرط، فیسقط في حق أحکام الدنیا للتعذر، وأما إذا لم یوص فتطوع بہا الوارث فقد قال محمد في الزیادات: إنہ یجزیہ إن شاء اللّٰہ تعالیٰ۔ (شامي ۲؍۳۳-۵۳۲ ۔الفتاویٰ الہندیۃ ۱؍۱۲۵)

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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