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If a person forgets to recite Dua e Qunoot in Namaz e Witr, is it possible to recite it after coming from Ruku before going to Sajda?

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Procedure to offer Isha and Witr qaza namaaz.

It was a pleasure to listen to your answers and I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to correspond with you for two very special reasons – firstly, I also happen to be from Hyderabad-Deccan and secondly, as a little boy, I have had the honor of attending two of Hazrat Abul Wafa (RA) Sahebs sessions. As it is widely known, he was considered as the Abu Hanifa of our times. There was one particular question on which I would still need your clarification, please. The question is quoted below: (Q52) If someone didn’t pray isha with jamaat would this person be allowed to pray witr with jamaat or should he pray alone?

1 rakaat witar

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