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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

I moved from Pakistan to America in the year 2002. Is it permissible to live in America with my family and kids when there is an option for me go back and live in Pakistan? My question is in light of all the difficulties in performing ibadah in a non-Muslim country, the general societal situation as well as the overall difference in the way of life between the two countries.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah

It is not prohibited in the Islamic Shari’ah to relocate in order to gain better opportunities for work or worldly education. However, if a person has the necessary financial means available in his country of residence to lead a life similar to the living standard of the people in his city and he still choses to relocate to another country just to elevate his living standard, be more prosperous and to search for a luxurious lifestyle, then this action is not free of karahiyah (disliking). This is due to the fact that in such relocation putting one’s self, one’s deen, their values and etiquettes in danger (of corruption) is imperative. Additionally, it has been observed that when people relocate to other places just in search of luxury and comfort, their religious values and zeal becomes weak and such individuals lose the fight against the corruptive efforts of kufr (disbelief) very quickly. This is the reason why it has been mentioned in the hadith of Rasulullah Sallallaho Alyhi Wasallam to refrain from living amongst the mushrikin without a dire need or necessity. In addition, if one’s deen is in danger i.e. it has become extremely difficult to remain firm on the teachings of Islam in a certain country then living in that country is considered impermissible. It is mandatory in that situation to move to a country where one’s deen, life and wealth is protected.

(۱) ما فی ’’ القرآن الکریم ‘‘ : {لا یتخذ المؤمنون الکافرین أولیآء من دون المؤمنین ، ومن یفعل ذلک فلیس من اللہ فی شيء إلا أن تتقوا منہم تُقٰۃ} ۔ (سورۃ آل عمران : ۲۸)ما فی ’’ روح المعانی ‘‘ : (من دون المؤمنین) أی متجاوزین المؤمنین إلی الکافرین استقلالاً أو اشتراکاً ۔ (۳/۱۹۴)ما فی ’’ السنن لأبي داود ‘‘ : عن سمرۃ بن جندب : أما بعد ! قال رسول اللہ ﷺ : ’’ من جامع المشرک وسکن معہ فإنہ مثلہ ‘‘۔ (ص؍۳۸۵، کتاب الجہاد ، باب في الإقامۃ لأرض الشرک)ما فی ’’ السنن لأبي داود ‘‘ : عن جریر بن عبد اللہ قال : بعث رسول اللہ ﷺ سریۃ إلی خثعم ، فاعـتـصم ناس مـنـہم بالسجود ، فأسـرع فـیـہم القـتل ، قال : فبلغ ذلک النبی ﷺ فأمر لہم ==بنصف العقل ، وقال : ’’ أنا برئ من کل مسلم یقیم بین أظہر المشرکین ‘‘ ۔ قالوا : یا رسول اللہ لم ؟ قال : ’’ لا تراء ی ناراہما ‘‘ ۔ (ص؍۳۵۵، کتاب الجہاد ، باب النہي عن قتل من اعتصم بالسجود، السنن للترمذی : ۱/۲۸۹، أبواب السیر ، باب ما جاء في کراہیۃ المقام بین أظہر المشرکین)ما فی ’’ عون المعبود شرح السنن لأبی داود ‘‘ : قال فی ’’ النہایۃ ‘‘ : أی یلزم المسلم ، ویجب علیہ أن یتباعد منزلہ عن منزل المشرک ۔ (ص؍۱۱۲۹)الحجۃ علی ما قلنا ۔

فقط واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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