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Jewellery for Men

Question Two important queries regarding men wearing Silver Rings and other types of Jewellery like Necklaces and Watches. (See below for exact questions) Answer ﷽ In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. 1. Men wearing silver rings are...

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Student Loan for Higher Education

Answered by Muftī Shujaʾath ʿAlī Question: Without student loans in Canada, I could not finish my university degree. Only after the loan and degree, I now have a good job. Currently, I am paying back my student loans with interest every month....

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Student loan question

As Salamu Alaykum, I have a question about the Islamic perspective on student loans. I am a first generation premed student and when I attended undergrad at Loyola University Chicago, I had the idea that anything with interest is haram, but as long as you pay it fast,...

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Zakat or RESP Account

Assalam u Alaikum, I started an RESP accont for my daugter in Dec 2006. This account is dedicated to my daughter and she is the one who can collect this money when she will start gong to University. Money reached to Nisab (On Silver) in almost 7 months after the start...

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Zakat questions

Assalam o alaikum I have few zakat related questions, I am hopeful that you can answer them, JAZAKALLAH. May ALLAH Bless you 1. Are you required to pay zakat on your 401k? 2. Are you required to pay zakat on the gold jewelry that you use i.e wear 3. Lets say you had...