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is the mutton, chicken and beef halal from Restaurant depot? Since I moved to Seattle I’m getting to know that all the Restaurants here usually buy their meat from the Restaurant depot. Many of friends also buy from here. When I told them that not all the meat iie halal there so they got mad and saying meat is imported from Muslim countries and Muslim don’t lie. I’m very confuse whether to eat at their place or not. They bring chicken wings and gyro from there and invite us. Please can you let me know know if it’s zabiha or non zabiha?


الجواب وباللہ التوفیق

It is not correct to buy meat from those meat shops in America which are not certified though the meat comes there from the Muslim countries as the basis of the meat to be Halal or Haram is on whether it was slaughtered on the Shar’ai method or not and the research of the ‘Ulama is this that the slaughter of the meat coming from different countries is non-Shar’ai. Further, the Shar’ai Ruling about meat is that it will be considered Haram until it can be ascertained that it was slaughtered in the Shar’ai way, therefore, until it is certified by the ‘Ulama or it is ascertained that it was slaughtered in the Shar’ai way, till then it is not permissible to eat that meat.

If your friends buy that meat then it is necessary for you to avoid that meat, it is not permissible to eat that meat. You may eat other things which don’t have meat in them.

واللہ اعلم بالصواب

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