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Stunned meat

Salaam wr

I wanted to know whether stunned meet is classed as halal. In particular I wanted to know whether it is halal to eat at Nandos who are certified by Freemans as halal. They say they stun their meat at high voltage to ensure it does not die but is unconscious and have been approved by the Islamic Council of jurisprudence. I know scholars are divided on the opinion however have heard many are now accepting stunned meat. What would be your advice?

Jzk khair

Hanafi Fiqh

permissibility of stunning chicken

Aslamu Alikum i would like to find out the ruling or views on stunning of chicken before slaughtering . In my country it’s certified as halaal and accepted by some of the scholars and dislike by other scholars Jazakallah await your response

Hanafi Fiqh

Papa Johns Pizza

Is Papa John's Pizza halal?  Please note, we do not have any knowledge regarding the business you have inquired about in your question, we only know about the establishments we certify and monitor. For a complete list of slaughter houses, processors,...