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People of Book

What say the noble scholars about a place where the haram (forbidden) animal has been slaughtered and then to slaughter a halal animal after that when that place has been cleaned and then make pieces of the meat. Is this permissible or not?

What is the ruling of the sharia when after the slaughter an animal is left in the hot water, should or shouldn’t we leave that animal in the hot water?

What say the ulema of deen about an animal that’s so week and feeble that after it’s slaughtered no blood comes out of its body, so, can such an animal be halal when it was insured that it’s been slaughtered in accordance with sharia?

What is the ruling of Islamic sharia when slaughtering an animal, should the person who is doing it say bismillah and Allah Akbar or saying of just bismillah is enough?

What is the ruling of the shariah if someone puts chain or rods in the nose of a cow and then raises its head and then slaughters it, would such a slaughter be fine or not?