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Notice drops or urine within foreskin not sure if salah is valid

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Qibla.com

Answered by Shaykh Sohail Hanif, SunniPath Academy Teacher

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things, I do notice moisture/ a drop of urine within the foreskin even if i have done wudu and prayed quickly quite often and even more recently. Should i continue to check myself after prayer and repeat prayer until ok or make a new ablution at each prayer time and pray as you have mentioned and ignore the possibility of the drop of urine?
Finally i am really worried about juma prayer and the upcoming taraweeh prayer in ramadan which are both long prayers which take time. Should i take a similar course of action or do something else?
Sorry about long question but it would be greatfully appreciated.
I have a problem retaining my wudu. I notice that within my foreskin their remains a little moisture or drop of urine but it does not come out. I have tried all methods of istinja to remove this but it does not work, ie: jumping pressing, walking e.t.c. This moisture or drop of urine seems to be there if i have used the toilet 20 mins or 2-3 hours ago. But the problem is not continuous, If i quickly purify myself and do wudu and pray quick most of the time i am ok. The main problem is when i go to congregation prayer in mosque. As it takes me longer to walk to the mosque and pray i find sometimes i am ok but sometimes this moisture or drop of urine is within my foreskin. I do not like using the mosque toilets as i fear of najass falling on my clothing/body. Is my prayer in congregation valid?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalumu alaykum

Urine drops invalidate one’s ritual ablution (wudu) if they exit one’s body such that they ‘appear’. If there is moisture inside one’s penis, but none of this appears naturally then one is still in a state of purity as the urine did not exit the body.

If however what is being refered to here is the foreskin that is cut during circumcision then as soon as any drops of urine reach the foreskin, one’s ablution is nullified, even if the urine does not exit because the foreskin is considered outside of the body, not a part of it. (Maraqi al-Falah) In this latter case one certainly does have a problem. One should habitually perform a new ablution for each prayer and pray immediately after abluting without worrying about checking. If praying in the mosque the easiest way to avoid waswasa is to perform ablution in the mosque and then to pray. Fear of using public toilets is baseless. Unless one physically sees najasa touch one, there is nothing to worry about.

People who have such problems are often those who worry about it too much and fight with their penis to get the last drop of urine out. Such unnatural exertion can often lead to prolonged problems with urine drops. One needs to relax and to be gentle with oneself. One could also consider seeing a doctor and asking for advice in this regard.

Above all one needs to be patient and to see that all tribulations come from Allah to test and purify us. Those spiritually realised love Allah and everything that comes from Him. They say, ‘The slaps of the beloved, O how sweet they are!’.

Sohail Hanif

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