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Questions related to purification difficulties

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Qibla.com

Answered by Shaykh Sohail Hanif, SunniPath Academy Teacher

I have a question related to the issue of the pre-ejaculation fluid, “Mazi”. Can you explain the following please?
1) What kind of Najasa is Mazi? What is your state when it is released?
2) How do you judge the affected part? Once its released you may notice some wetness on little spots but it may have gone on other places. Those other places may be simply dried up. Also if you felt the initial wetness on your skin but afterwards found no traces of it, do you have to wash the whole body?
3) If drops of mazi, mani and urine came out but dried up, is it still necessary to wash those areas? Do you wash the whole garment in case if you don’t know the exact soiled areas? Please distinguish the three cases if the rulings are different.
4) Does even a little of mazi, may be one little drop of it, makes it compulsory on you to do wudhu? I read in a book that if you say salah without washing away the spoiled area (as long as it doesn’t exceed the size of the your palm), your salah would be makruh but it’ll be valid. Is it true? How much of it has to be there before your namaz would become invalid in such a state?
5)Whats the proper procedure for washing the spoiled area?…I have read that you have to pour water on the spoiled area 3 times and then squeeze it out…But in winters this practically means that you have to change your clothes every time you release some mazi drops since the clothes won’t dry up very quickly? Also what if you are outside and the time of namaz is passing?
6) I asked all theses questions basically to get clarification on an issue I am facing?…I am getting married soon (Nikah has already been done), and it so happens that every time I talk to my wife on the phone mazi is released. How would I cope with such a problem when my wife would be with me? Will I have to wash my clothes every time? Could there be some special rukhsa in such a case?….If not, would putting a piece of cotton inside my underwear help? I would just replace this piece every time I get some wetness?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu alaykum

1. Madhi (pre-ejaculate) is defined as heavy filth (najasa ghalidha). Heavy filth differs from light filth (najasa khafifa) in the amount of it that is excused. One’s prayer is valid even if one is soiled with heavy filth so long as the amount of filth does not exceed the size of a dirham (about the size of a circle with a 6cm diameter) if the filth is liquid in nature or the weight of a dirham (about 5grams) if the filth is solid in nature. Light filth on the other hand is excused up to the size of a quarter of one’s garment. However it is recommended to remove filth on one’s person no matter how small the quantity.

When one releases madhi one enters a state of minor ritual impurity meaning that one must perform a ritual ablution (wudu) if one wishes to pray. One does not need to have a ritual bath.

2-6. Madhi is filth and the normal rules for removing filth apply. Namely;

a. If one is uncertain that a certain area has been affected by it one need not do anything.
b. If one is certain that it has affected one’s clothing but is unsure of where it affected it one need only make an educated guess of where it might be and wash that area. After this the garment is considered pure.
c. When washing filth one washes it until one has removed all trace of it if it has visible traces or until one feels the impurity has been removed if invisible. Neither of the two cases requires much water or time.

7. Allah Most High tries us all in various ways to see which of us is true in his claim to slavehood. Those who claim love are tried even harder to see who is truly pleased with whatever the Beloved chooses for one. So be pleased. This is certainly an inconvenience but it is from the Beloved so who are we to complain? There is no real dispensation for one in such a condition unless the madhi continues to flow for a complete prayer time which seems unlikely. Do the best that you can and if it really does become a regular problem then keeping some cotton wool or tissue paper in your underwear would not be a bad idea.

And Allah knows best.

Sohail Hanif


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