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Wetness around private parts

When performing istinjua after urinating I use water for washing (I use the Muslim Shower) I then dry myself with tissue. I suffer from extreme waswas and want to remove this. This can be done through knowledge. After drying I feel as if water is exiting the urethra or the vagina I do not know for certainty which. What is the ruling here? I do see water on undergarment garment or tissue. My research shows that any water that exits the urethra is impure ( even after washing) as it may contain nijasat- so how can we prevent water entering the urethra? Or is this research wrong? Even after drying I see Water droplets. I get up dry and wash again, get up dry and wash again to the point where I started getting an Infection. I can ignore this and just start wudu or my day to day routine, but is this correct. I think one of the sahaba suffered from this and was advised to sprinkle water on undergarment. My case is I know for sure water droplets come out after drying, so there is no doubt here, what can a female sister do?


Hanafi Fiqh

Washing Bathroom floor OCD

Since you’ve always answered my previous questions good and reliable, I will ask another one about a topic thats bothering me. I feel like I go way iver the top with this but it seems that this is the ruling. My Question is about washing the bathroom floor when there is najasa on it. My Mother always did it like this: She took a bucket, filled it with water and cleaning product, dipped a rag in it rinsed it a little bit and then mopped the floor with it. Then she washed the rag in the same bucket with the same water and mopped the floor a seccond time and then she did the same a 3. Time. There was never a problem with this as our floor was always clean afterwards. But now I live alone and after some research it seems as if this is wrong. Hanafi scholars say that you have to wash and rinse the rag and the bucket and use new water after mopping the floor once so you can then mop the second time and then wash and rinse the rag and the bucket again and use new water again for the third time. Isn’t this a little over the top as it is way more work and you have to use much more water which costs money? Also I did all this but now I realized that my floor will still be regarded najis because scholars say you can only mop smooth surfaces but the floor in my bath is not completly smooth as it is a tiled floor which has cement grooves in between the smooth tiles which are a little bit deeper then the tiles. So how should I wash such a floor? Is it Still regarded najis now after I mopped 3× over it because of the deeper cement grooves? If yes, how should I wash such a floor? I can’t just flood my whole floor with water to clean it. That will make a mess. Isn’t this all too much?

I also have a second question. Is ear wax on the part of the ear which needs to be washed in Ghusl a barrier to water? I did Ghusl and after that I prayed. Then it came to my mind that I couldn’t remember having washed my ears in Ghusl. I wasn’t entirely sure but I also found some ear wax on my ear so either I didn’t wash them or I did but there remained ear wax. So was this ear wax a barrier to the water? Do I need to repeat that salah after having washed my ears?

Hanafi Fiqh

Question about spreading of impurity


i have neglected matters of purity for a long time. when I would use the toilet, urine drops would get onto my trousers at the crotch region and I wouldn’t pay attention to it. i would have wet dreams and najasat (mathi, mani and urine, as it was there from before) would get onto my bedsheets and I wouldn’t change them. i would sit on that area with wet clothes and sit everywhere else in the home with those wet trousers. there isn’t any sign of najasat but I sat on those areas with wet, impure trousers/
After reading, I know realise that my clothes were impure and everywhere I sat and touched has now become impure and I don’t know what to do.
i’ve touched everything with wet hands in the kitchen, living room and bathroom and other peoples rooms. I would wash my legs and put those impure trousers on with wet legs and walk on the carpet with impure wet feet. I’ve touched everything in the house with wet hands including

Bed frames (non porous)
Doors (paint peeling off showing the non porous wood)
Clothes (mine and my family’s)
Walls with wallpaper peeling off
I do not know what to do as I feel everything is impure and if I tried purifying them, they would become impure from my family touching them with wet impure hands and it has gotten in the way of my namaaz.

Please can you help?

Thank you very much

Hanafi Fiqh

Wetness on underwear

If one sees a patch on underwear, (or a very small dot)which may be simply water of istinja, is wudu broken? Maybe realted to certain levels of doubt. Or certainty over doubt

Not an OCD question

Jazakallah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

OCD with cleanliness

I am 19 years old. For a long time, I haven’t been a good Muslim, I’ve not read namaaz. During ramadhan, I tried to change my ways and began reading namaaz and Quran, but I then realized a lot of things. A long time ago (over 2 years) I was in the bathroom and had gotten a lot of urine on the floor and on the clothes basket. The clothes basket is on top of a small bucket facing upside down with a rim. I mopped the floor, strained the mop, mopped again and put the mop in the mop bucket filled with water. I don’t remember cleaning the clothes basket other than wiping the mop on it and I don’t remember cleaning the small bucket. The bucket has a rim on it which would’ve collected urine in it if urine went on the basket as it would’ve dripped down. My problem now is I think everything in the house is now impure because the mop bucket and the bucket which the clothes basket is on would have had urine on them, and when the mop is used, it would touch both buckets and transfer urine onto everything it touches (floors (laminate, tiles, carpet), slippers, sofas, tables etc). I don’t see or smell any traces of urine anywhere but I feel as though everything has become impure.

Until Over a year ago, I also didn’t used to practise caution after using the toilet and would get urine drops on my trousers. I would put on and remove these trousers with wet legs meaning my foot and legs would become impure transferring impurity to slippers and floors and carpets etc.

I can’t see or smell any impurity anywhere but I feel as though almost everything is impure. Please advise me on what to do.

Thank you

Hanafi Fiqh

Urinary problem and incontinence

A woman experiences a sort of urine incontinence problem. If she passes urine now, then after istinja and wudhu, there’ll be a feeling of heat in her private area and she will be sure that she discharged urine. If she takes a shower now and doesn’t use the toilet, she doesn’t experience this issue.
When she checked before by placing a tissue etc, then there was a wetness that emitted but it wasn’t urine when she smelt it. this leads to a doubt that sometimes perhaps this feeling of urine leaking, may not be urine leaking. How will she perform Salaah? sometimes, she feels as if she could possibly be a ma’dhura due to the fact that if she goes an entire day from the morning till esha salaah without using the toilet, her underwear may be stained and smelling of urine. But she is unaware when it emitted.
what should be done? This has caused a lot of inconvenience in her life. One mufti said this is waswasa, but i don’t think so