Making Up Missed Sunnah Prayers and Prayers Made While Bleeding

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If you have missed fardh prayers must you make up sunnah prayers also or should you just make up the fardh and not worry about the sunnahs. Also how do I make qadha for the salats that I made while I was bleeding?

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In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful & Compassionate

Past Fard and Wajib Prayers: must be made up (scholarly consensus on this!)

Past Sunnah prayers that one missed: You do not make these up.

Sunnahs within the prayers one is making up: one should not leave the sunnas themselves.

Current Sunnah Prayers: We should pray these, leaving them habitually without excuse may be sinful.

Therefore, make up your missed fard and wajib prayers, not the missed Sunnah prayers (but you do pray your current Sunnah prayers).

Making up prayers made while bleeding would be made up in the same way all past missed or faulty prayers are made up –- you simply re-do the prayer.

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