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Various Questions on Islam


I have the following questions, I would really appreciate if it is answered and emailed back to me by a qualified islamic scholar.

1. Lets say, a muslim (while he is a muslim) intent to enter islam by saying la ilaha illallah after wishfully committing major shirk and/or major kufr. If he dies before saying la ilaha illallah (or before entering islam), will he die as a muslim and will he ever enter paradise? Also, can anyone reenter/enter islam more than once after committing major shirk and major kufr? (Also, is there a number after when one cannot renter islam?) Please, clarify each point.

2. Lets say there is multiple fatwa exists or given in an issue. If one chooses one fatwa from the fatwas out of his own desire, does he goes outside of islam? Also, will he be given any reward for the deed (choosing fatwa out of his own desire)?

3. Lets say there is multiple commentary exists for a verse of Quran or for a hadith of prophet Muhammad from different scholars. If a person chooses a commentary from a scholar based on his own desire and believes in it, does he goes outside islam? Also, will he be given any reward for the deed (choosing scholar’s commentary out of his own desire)?

4. I heard a hadith that ignorance person is forgiven. Lets say I am ignorant on purpose. In other words, I have a chance/opportunity to learn, but I did not learn ( because I wanted to remain ignorant on that matter), in that case will my ignorance be forgiven?

5. Lets say I committed a major shirk or major kufr out of ignorance. But I had a chance to learn whether something I did was major shirk/kufr or not, but I did not learn ( because I wanted to remain ignorant on that matter). In that case Will Allah punish me/ hold me accountable for both committing the shirk (or kufr) and not knowing, or Allah will punish me/ hold me accountable just for my ignorance? Or he will punish me for none because of my ignorance? Will I Go to heaven?


Hanafi Fiqh

Fasting and the pill

Slms. I am taking the pill and have supper the placebo deliberately so that I can keep all my of the side effects however of the pill is that spotting / breakthrough bleeding can be experienced while on the active pill . I am fasting , however I am experiencing slight spotting in between. Is I have not missed any active pills . It’s not like a full period. Is my fast valid? Do I continue fasting ? What’s the ruling ? Jzk

Hanafi Fiqh

Delaying my period and duha

Salaam, as is ramadan and my period should be coming in the last 10 nights I made it certain to take Norethisterone pills to delay my period I ordered from online but the problem is some women while taking the pills might get small bleeding that isn’t related to your menses if that’s the case for me do I continue to fast or break it since I saw spots of bleeding but it isn’t my period?
second question there’s a hadith that mentions if you pray 12 rakat duha prayer a gold castle will be built for you is the hadith weak or strong?

Hanafi Fiqh

Doubts about purity after periods

I have doubts about the purity after periods, on 1st of May I had my periods at day time around 11 am or 12 pm. Then on 10th of may after Maghrib azan I took ghusl performed isha and even had intercourse with my husband. Then at suhur I woke up and took ghusland kept my fast. On 11th may At day time while i was fasting i came to know that maximum limit of periods as per hanafi fiqh is 240 hrs. And now i am doubtfull that if my fast is valid, should i break it or not. And if i am sinfull that i had intimacy with husbnd if i was not pure at that time. Plz help me with answer as i searched alot but i didnt find any answer. Plz keep in mind that i dont see signs of purity usually even after 10 days. usually i take bath on 11th day after fajar azan and perfrom prayer etc. This time i was concerned about My fast so i searched on the net and found that islamic new day starts after maghrib so i took ghusal etc

Hanafi Fiqh

Unknown menstrual habit and dysfunctional bleeding


Please can you kindly help me to understand when I should be praying and when I shouldn’t.

I kept record of all my menstuation habits, but now realise that I have calculated everything wrong. I didn’t log any istihadah, or take into account any bleeding due to istihadah. So everything I kept a record of would be invalid.

I only wrote down the last time I saw bleeding before the maximum 10 days, but I didn’t write down any bleeding that took place after these 10 days, or of any bleeding before a 15 day purity.

For purity I calculated 15 days after I stopped bleeding (i.e; I counted when I stopped bleeding before the maximum 10 days, and then counted 15 days for purity from there).

Now I realise that this was the incorrect method and I was to take into account my previous months habit if I had any invalid bleeding/purity.

As I have been keeping record of my menstuation and purity this way for a long time, I don’t know what my last proper habit of purity or menstuation was.

I have been having bleeding that extends beyond 10 days, (usually 12 days from when menstuation starts). I take a bath and start praying once I reach 10 days.

Then I have 15 -17 days when I don’t bleed. I take these as purity. When I start bleeding again, I take these days as menstruation up to day 10. And the last 2 days (days 11 & 12 I discard as istihadah).

But sometimes my cycles get even shorter. Example: I bleed for 12 days, and then only have 12-14 days (after the maximum 10 days) no bleeding before I start bleeding again. And here I get confused, as I always have 12 days of bleeding, so I can’t understand wether I should discard the first few days of bleeding as istihadah, or wether I should discard the last few days as istihadah. (As my bleeding is 12 days.)

This has been happening for over 3 years, before this I used to have 8-10 days of menstruation and proper purity. Gradually my menstruation got longer and longer and then it started going over 10 days. At the same time my purity got shorter and shorter.

As I now don’t know what my habit used to be, please advise when I am to pray and when I am to abandon salah.

And I also wanted to ask, when I sometimes get 15-17 days purity (including the 2 days I bleed over 10 days) can I count this as a minimum purity habit? As this purity is in between two invalid bleeding (12 days on each side).

Jazak Allah khair

Hanafi Fiqh

Tuhr mutakhallil

assalamu Alaikum

Respected Mufti Saheb D.B

I have heard that Mufti Saheb has mentioned that the view of Imam Abu Yusuf Rahimahullah regarding Tuhr Mutakhallil has been developed. And the view of Imaam Muhammad has not been developed.

Can Mufti Saheb please explain this statement.

Also kindly provide a few examples where it will be difficult to follow the view of Imam Muhammad, due to his view not being developed?

kindly explain

Jazakallahu Khairan

was Salaam

Hanafi Fiqh

Fasting without menstruation ending

Assalamu alaikum,

I wanted to ask if it is permissable to partake in sehri and make intention of fasting once the haidh bleeding has stopped but without officially being “clean” and having a ghusal.

If fajr is not observed, and later in the day it’s confirmed that the period has finished and then ghusal and prayers are observed ie: zohar onwards and no food or drink has been consumed, is the fast counted?

Of course if some more bleeding occurs I know it isn’t,  but I have long periods (upto 8 hrs) of neither bleeding nor having clean discharge to help me decide, hence the confusion.

Jazakallah khair

Wassalaamu alaikum

Hanafi Fiqh


Asallamualaykumm, this is for a lady to answer so please pass on, jzk I suffer with endometrosis I get cysts with it , even if I stop the bleeding with contraceptive it’s taking over my life I currently have 2 I’m waiting to get married and this could jeopardise my chance of having children. The doctors say I will not be able to prevent this happening as I have stage three and constant endometrial cysts which can onlly be removed via surgery I would like some advise on what to do best to control this I took the mirena coil but still got the cysts. I also have very painful large sized chest which are size JJ currently I’m only 5’2 not fat either the weight is all on my chest I’ve requested a reduction as this is painful I’d this permissible as it causes me so much pain and health issues the doctors agree and have referred me I have to carry the weight of them and the weight of the cysts it’s all a lot for me and my health I’m really fatigued please can you advise me with anything you can and keep me in your duas

Hanafi Fiqh

Postpartum bleeding

السلام علیکم
I were having postpartum bleeding for almost 35 days. After that i started prayer but at 40th day bleeding started again. I am confuse either its post-partum bleeding or periods or isthaza.
This was my first pregnancy.
Please guide me regarding this matter.

Hanafi Fiqh

Insufficient Purity: Menstruation Query


I have a problem…  In the month of May I started on 8th and finished on 14th. In May I started 28th which means that there wasn’t a 15 day gap of Purity. This means that i am in istihadha. However, I do not know what I have to do. Does this mean i can pray as long as I do my wudhu for each prayer for all the 7 days that I am on for?

Or does it mean that I can pray until my 15 days gap have been done and then for the rest of the days i can’t pray? I’m not sure. I need to know… Jzk. Normal days that I’m on for is 7 days!