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I was impressed by your teachings and respected Maulana Tariq Jameel. Did (niqab) for six months. I however have chronic sinus trouble on account of a congenital defect in the hard palate of inside of my mouth. That has also been the cause of my chronic ear infections and so forth which actually led me to undergo several bilateral ear surgeries and now I have to wear hearing aids in both my ears or else I am practically deaf. Anyway my question is that when I started doing niqab infections again started in my sinuses and finally it took over 2 months for it to resolve fully with treatment. Then I started cutting a slit in the niqab to keep the flow of air between the nose and the outside without a barrier. With cutting a slit the cloth of the niqab has to adhere closely to the face for the slit to remain open. On doing so if and when I have to clear my nose i have to keep pulling the niqab down and it gets out of place and finally the entire setup of niqab to stay in place gets disturbed in public what I mean is it gets too disorderly and looks very shabby. Now I am not doing niqab but I cover my head fully with no makeup and also wear dark glasses when possible and also my dress is always black for the most part and extremely loose. kindly advise regarding niqab?

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