Who is a Mujaddid?


Ahaadith in Mishkaat about Allah sending a Mujaddid at the beginning of ever century.  please give details about what is a Mujaddid?  does the Mujaddid know that he is a Mujaddid?  if a pious aalim proclaims he is a Mujaddid can we accept him as such?  are there qualities and signs that we look for in the person to prove he is indeed a Mujaddid?
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A Mujaddid is an intellectually eminent and distinct personality or a group that the Ummah is blessed with who decontaminates and renews the Deen.  He/they present the Deen in a pure, pristine and original form by removing all the evil, corruption and wrongdoings that exist in his/their time.  Through his/their intellect and understanding he/they tear apart the veils of innovation and customary practices that envelope the reality of Deen.  (Mazaahir-e-Haqq (commentary of Mishkaat), Vol. 1, Page 258)

Some commentators of this Hadith mention that a Mujaddid is specified on a conjectural basis by the pious and God-fearing people of that era through the concatenation (conditions that lead to something) of his circumstances.  It therefore means that a Mujaddid does not claim or specify himself as a Mujaddid.  (Ta’leequs Sabeeh, Sharah Mishkaat, Vol. 1, Page 160, Iedhaahul Mishkaat, Sharah Mishkaat, Page 266)

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Qasim bin Hashim Limbada

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07 January 2004

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