Hanafi Fiqh

Racial fetishism

Salam Aleykoum,

My question is the following : What’s the position of our religion concerning racial fetishism ?

My question is not related to the position of islam on « classic » racism (of course haram) but is on what it is called « racial fetishism », « ethnic fetishism » or « inverted racism »).

Then again, this question does not concern the subject of fornication (haram) or race mixing/interbreeding (halal) because, as we all know, those questions have already been treated in a way that is clear and well known by our Ummah.

In order to clarify the subject, I will define what is « racial fetishism » according to Sociology :

« Racial fetishism implies having a specific preference toward a specific ethnic group » (Plummer 2007) […] « This preference is often based on ethnic stereotypes or « ethnosexuals » stereotypes ; ethnosexuals stereotypes refer to the fact of giving some sexual characteristics according to the ethnic group of an individual » (Plummer 2007, Wilson 2009).

A second definition : According to Homi Bhabha’s “The Other Question: The Stereotype and Colonial Discourse,” racial fetishization can be defined as “fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race or ethnic group.”

I am entirely at your service for further information.