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“Tajseem” is Void and Prohibited to Follow

I`m confused because some people argue that Tajseem {Anthropomorphism} is valid and that it is obligatory to affirm that Allah has body parts through the apparent meanings of many verses and Hadiths. They even claim that this is the view of the Salaf (Righteous predecessors/ancestors) and the prominent scholars. Others say that it is a false claim and an innovation and that the Salaf has never spoken of it. Rather, some people of incomplete faith have spoken of it. Therefore, what is the accurate meaning for "Tajseem"? Is it acceptable in Islam? Kindly clarify in the simplest of ways.

Shafi'i Fiqh

Offering Food to the Family of the Deceased is from Sunnah

We are members of a big Jordanian clan, and we have established a fund to meet its various financial obligations. Is it permissible to make a big banquet on behalf of a deceased relative, who participated in that fund, to all members of the clan although it costs a great deal of money. What is the most valid from an Islamic point of view as regard such banquet ?

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