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I wish to see Allah. How to believe when He is not visible to me?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

Muhtharam Mufthi Sahib,
Mufthi Sahib, I am in Sweden and here we have a Muslim friend who is approaching towards Atheism. He says “I wish to see Allah. So how to believe when He is not visible to me?” What he says is that “how can I believe who controls the Sun and the Moon” etc etc. and use to say this type of things. Please reply with reference to what he says. Send the reply as soon as possible

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that invisibility of a thing is not a proof for its non existence since there are many things which are although not visible but ascertain their existence through signs and symptoms. For example we are unable to see the blowing of wind but due to the movements of leaves, feeling of cold etc. any sane person, but children and even non-Muslims admit that this is due to the blowing of wind. Movement of leaves etc. are evidence to the availability of wind whereas it is not visible. Similarly the presence of Rooh in human body is accepted but yet, we are unable to see it in spite of its presence in the body, and only with signs and symptoms like quietude and gestures, sleep and awake, seeing and listening etc. etc. we acknowledge it. Same is the case in regard to invisible things and matters like pain, fever, intellect, vision, sound etc.etc they are not visible but acknowledged through signs and symptoms. Without any doubt the subject of the lofty existence of Allah Tha’ala too is similar He is Wara’ul Wara’a and our eyes fail in seeing Him but with the help of rational and scholarly proofs and different phenomenal things of the universal system His lofty existence is established. As such, to understand this fact clearly set your glance on the universe and ponder. You will see a strong system and organized order in the arrangements. Does not this organized system and balanced order give proof of a powerful organizer? Changing of day and night due to the revolving of planets, emergence of seasons on their appropriate times, human being’s initial stage as a drop of semen in mother’s womb, transforming same into blood clot and flesh and the emergence of the physical structure of the body, ability of listening and seeing in it, and making animals subordinate to human being , dissimilar situations of people, some employers and some employees, some rich and some poor, some happy and some worried etc.etc. all these are the arrangements of an all powerful organizer and without doubt He is the Zaath of Allah Tha’ala. Therefore it is necessary for the friend of the enquirer to abstain from the aforesaid thoughts and also to repent and make Toba and Isthighfar.
Allah knows best.

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