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Mani or Madhi doubts

Salaam moulana,
When I go sleep I wrap a tissue around my private part to avoid underwear becoming napaak due to situation below
Majority of days upon awakening when i check the tissue i find wetness on the tissue that seems like it must have come out very recently to the size of less than a 1p coin. This wetness on the tissue absorbs and is no longer visible after a few minutes. I assume this is madhi and do not perform ghusl is this the correct thing to do?

I know when i have a wet dream then the wetness on the tissue is the size of 5-10cm’s like a circle and the tissue is heavy whereas the situation described above is around a circle of 1cm or less. Due to the quantity difference is it correct to assume this is only madhi that is seen nearly daily as no dream is seen and no signs of heavy gushing etc and therefore no ghusl required.

Situation B:
Some days there is no wetness but couple of minutes later clear liquid oozes out. I assume this is madhi too. Is this correct?


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