Hanafi Fiqh

Kaffarah for masturbation accompanied by sex afterwards and intentionally not fasting to have sex.

If a person masturbate and ejaculate while he is fasting in ramadan and afterwards, during that very same day, he had sexual intercourse, is kaffarah wajib on him knowing that masturbation does not necessitate kaffarah but sex does?
Secondly, if a couple intentionally does not fast in Ramadan to have sex during that day, will there be any kaffarah? Or they will only have to make up for that day?

Hanafi Fiqh

Repentance of heretic

I have heard that there are two different opinions regarding the repentance of heretic. Some scholars are of view that his repentance is accepted in this world while others are of view that his repentance cannot be accepted. Which opinion is more correct and what are hanafi views about this issue?

Hanafi Fiqh

Student Finance

Assalamualikum. Is student finance allowed for muslim to do a degree from university? And sometimes students are eligible to get bursaries like full fee , disable allowance, child care allowance or parent allowance , Are these permissible to take or not??
And if these are not allowed and someone has taken it what should they do now if they are in the middle Or end of their degree??

Hanafi Fiqh

Borrowing from commercial banks

Assalamu’alikum wa’rehmatullah wa’barakatuhu

Auntie wanted to ask something about banking; few days back we bought some electronic goods on installment through my uncle working in a commercial bank, whatever amount or good received, legally is on his name. My uncle said to me is that it’s like installment process and whatever we are paying in extra is fixed profit not intrest and because of this we bought those stuffs and are now paying him the installments.

But now as I found out that getting anything from commercial bank is prohibited, wether it’s on installation on fixed profit, mortgage or anything.

My question is if someone has bought anything from bank and realized that it’s inappropriate and wanted to repent, what should one do in a situation like we’re in right now, we’re we have used the amount and now paying the installation, how can we get out of this situation.

Hanafi Fiqh

Lying during studies and earnings

Assalam Walykum

I have started my first year in university as an architecture student. To get into this degree I had to submit a portfolio with a cover letter. The cover letter is one page showing my interests, career goals, why I want to study architecture etc. Because I was struggling to write this, I referred to another cover letter sample online from the same university. I used this person’s cover letter to write my own. I copied the structure and used the same sentences that this person wrote and changed it a bit so it fit my own cover letter. However, there are two sentences that I wrote that are very similar to the sample cover letter.
I reworded what the sample wrote, basically copying and not being completely honest. For one of the sentences I don’t fully remember if I reworded a few of the words from the sample cover letter or if I wrote it on my own.

But the other sentence, I know for sure that I basically just copied from the sample cover letter and just reworded it into my own and wasn’t fully honest in what I wrote.

I’ve been accepted into this course, however, now I’m wondering if this makes my income haram if I get a job from this degree in the future, because I’ve basically copied one sentence and maybe another one and included it in my own cover letter, and wasn’t fully truthful in at least one of the sentences that I wrote. Also Iike I mentioned at the start , I copied the structure and used the same sentence starters used in the sample cover letter.

I emailed the programme director before, to say that I had used the sample cover letter as a template and he said that he thinks it’s ok. But I think I should’ve told him that I copied the structure of it and copied and reworded one of the sentences from the sample cover letter that I don’t really mean.
and possibly a part of another sentence that I might have copied and reworded.

I’m really stressed out that this might lead me to be taken out of this course and am also worried that this might make my  income haram that I might earn later on potentially from this degree. Please inform me on whether my income would be haram and if I should tell the programme director that I did this.

Hanafi Fiqh

Repentance from cheating in exams

How to repent if :
1)A person cheated from his book in exam hall and shared the book with his friend too.
2)A person cheated from smartphone and another classmate copied from his answer sheet too.
3)A person cheated by asking some classmate to send answer via social media platform in exams hall?
Note : In all these cases open cheating was going on in exam centre. There was full liberty given by teachers to cheat .
Who are the sinners and how to repent from this sin ?
Hopeful of getting the answer ASAP !
Yours requestingly