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What is the dress code prescribed by the Shari’a?

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What is the dress code prescribed by the Shari’a?

Is wearing T-shirts allowed in Islam?

I know Most of the scholars answer it like A Muslim should wear modest dress?

What is meant by modest dress?


Assalaamu Alaikum,

The essential dress code prescribed by the Shariah is that a person (for the minimum) must cover his/her aurah (concealable parts of the body). For the male, it is from the navel to the knee, and for the female, it is her entire body except the hands (upto the wrist) and her face.

A male should however, cover the upper and lower body properly without wearing tight fitted clothing, or clothing that are transparent (also for females). For males, wearing T-shirts is allowed. However, one should refrain from wearing T-shirts that have prints and images of animate objects on them.

The ideal dress of a male is that he should follow the dress of the Prophet (SAS) or be close to it. This manner of dress identifies a person as a Muslim, and disassociates him from looking as if he belongs to another group. So, a Qamees, a trouser and a topi (cap) is the best dress for the Muslim male. If one does not wear these, but covers his body properly with other types of clothing, then it will be allowed and there is no prohibition in this.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan.


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