I dream I was dead and I was in the grave

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assa laam o alaikum

recently I had a dream in which it goes as follows:

I dream I was dead and I was in the grave , and I heard all the people left from the grave site, there the grave was about 10’*10′ sq. and lit up. I met my deceased father, mother and brother, and they all embraced me, I told them I have to sit because the angels will come to question me so I went in one corner of the grave and sat, my deceased relative then left and before the angels come the alarm in my phone goes off and I woke up it was 4.30 am, what do you think of this? I did not really put any meaning in this but I thought I will still tell you if you can interpret this for me.



Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

It is stated that to see death, indicates a feeling of regret for having committed a grave sin. If a man dreams of being dead then resurrected, he will commit a sin then he will turn to Allah in repentance. (Tafseer Al Ahlaam Al Kabeer by Imam Muhammad Ibn Sireen – pg.101).

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan

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