Ramadan FAQ’s – Female

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Darulihsan.com
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Q- Is the fast affected if a woman were to have an internal examination whilst fasting?

A. If anything moist or wet (lubricant etc) is inserted into the private part during the internal examination, or if something dry is inserted then removed and reinserted the fast will break. One should try and avoid this examination in Ramadaan as there may be a lubricant or a moist finger or instrument that is inserted and this will cause the fast to break, unless this becomes necessary in which case the fast that was broken should be made up after Ramadhaan.

Q- Is a fasting woman allowed to breastfeed her baby?

A. Yes, a fasting woman is allowed to breastfeed her baby.

Q- Is it permissible to take the medication like the pill (contraceptive) throughout the month of Ramadhan to avoid getting one’s period in order to keep all 30 fast  as it is very difficult to keep the missed fast.

A. Although it is not haraam to use medication to delay ones menstrual cycle, it is best avoided from a health point of view.

Q- Is it compulsory on an expectant mother or a nursing mother to fast? Are they required to fast after Ramadhan if she has the missed fasts or can she just pay the Kaffarah?

A. At the outset, it should be noted that Kaffarah is expiation for a person who invalidates a fast of Ramadhaan intentionally by eating, drinking or sexual intercourse, without a valid Shaaree reason. This Kaffarah requires a person to fast sixty days continuously. On the other hand, a person who has no hope of ever fasting like the very old or terminally ill etc. pay fidyah for missed fasts, whereas those who may be excused for not keeping the fasts, due to a temporary valid reason such as pregnancy and breastfeeding are required to make Qadha (make up the missed fasts) when they are in the position to do so.

Therefore if  an expectant mother is not in a position to fast based on the advice of a pious experienced Muslim physician/doctor then she may forego the Ramadhaan fast and make up for the fasts that she missed after the month of Ramadhaan when she is in a position to do so. However if she is in a position to keep some or all of the fasts then it is compulsory for her to keep those fasts.

NB: It is advisable to make a bequest that if these Qadha fasts are not made in her lifetime, then fidyah should be given on her behalf.

Q- Is it permissible for a female to insert medicine through her private part whilst fast?

A: Any form of medicine inserted into the internal part of a woman’s private part will invalidate her fast.

Q- If a female starts menstruating whilst fasting in Ramadhan, can she eat (discreetly) when she is in seclusion? Similarly can she do so when she stops menstruating during the day? What if in both cases she kept the entire fast for that day. Will her fast be valid as she has completed some part of the fast as a pure/paak person?

A. If her menses has commenced whilst fasting then she may eat discreetly (out of people’s sight). However, if her menses had terminated during the day, then she should abstain from eating and drinking etc. both in private and public and act as a fasting person. In both cases her fast will be invalid as menstruating women cannot fast. She will have to make Qadha of these days after Ramadhan.

Q- Does a woman have to keep qadha of fasts missed due to menstruation?

A. Yes, Hadhrat A’isha (Radiallaahu Anha) reports from Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) that a menstruating woman should keep the qadha of missed fasts but there is no qadha for Salaah missed during menstruation. (I’laaus Sunan vol.1 pg. 372)

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