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Giving Precedence to Getting one`s Son Married over Performing Hajj is up to Person`s Assessment

If there is a man who has saved a sum of money to perform the obligatory Hajj (i.e., Hajj for the first time), and after five years he becomes entitled to enter the randomized lottery for allocating Hajj visas. In the meantime, he has a son who is single and of marriageable age. If he gets his son married, that sum could go short and so he may not be able to perform Hajj. In this case, which takes precedence? Should he do the obligatory Hajj or get his son married?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Delaying Making up for Missed Obligatory Fasts till next Ramadan Came Obligates Paying Fidyah

I had broken fast in the Ramadan preceding that of last year due to menses. In fact, ever since I have reached puberty, I got used to delaying making up for missed obligatory fast, and so I make up for them one week before the start of the next Ramadan. Unfortunately, my menses came earlier than usual, so I couldn`t make up for the missed fasts, and a new Ramadan has already started. What is the Sharia ruling on this?

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