This answer was collected from HanbaliDisciples.com. The questions have been answered by Imam John Starling.

Does fosterage refer to adoption in Islam?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Does fosterage refer to adoption in Islam? A. If by fosterage, you are referring to the breastfeeding/suckling (Radhaa’at) of a child, then there is a difference between fosterage and adoption in Islam. If a child is breastfed/suckled before the age of two years, a bond of fosterage (Radhaa’at) is established. The same relationship that… read more »

Uncovering the breasts whilst breastfeeding

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Would breastfeeding openly in front of my kids be sinful? I heard that after 2 years of age, boys should not be seeing their mom’s partially nude. Am I wrong?  A. In principle, it is necessary (Waajib) upon a woman to cover herself (Awrah) in front of another Muslim woman from her navel to her… read more »

Permissibility of fasting during pregnancy

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. I want to find out what is the ruling regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am currently breastfeeding my 1y6m old and am pregnant. Can I continue feeding her or do I have to stop? A. There is no stipulation of prohibition to breastfeed during pregnancy. You may seek medical advice and adhere to the… read more »

Can a non-Muslim breastfeed a Muslim child?

Answered by TheMufti.com

Q. Can a non-Muslim breastfeed a Muslim child, like one’s non-Muslim neighbor or helper? A. There is no prohibition for a non-Muslim woman (neighbor or helper) to breastfeed a Muslim child. However, whenever necessary, a Muslim child should be breastfed with the breastmilk of an upright Muslim woman and not of a non-Muslim. All the… read more »