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1) I know that breaking up with families is a sin, BUT what if in 2 families, one family is not good and other is good and it is very difficult to give them dawah and invite them to do good, THEN what do I do?

2) I know that it is disrespectful to disobey the older people, but what if the older people do not seem to understand anything and the young people are trying to get them to understand, then can the younger person use bigger words and use a bit more shouting style language?

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.


Allah states in the Quran, “You are the best nation which has ever been raised for the guidance of mankind. You enjoin good, forbid evil, and believe in Allah…” (Surah Al Imran: 110)

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri narrates that I heard the Messenger of Allah (sallal lahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: “He who amongst you sees something abominable should modify it with the help of his hand; and if he has not strength enough to do it, then he should do it with his tongue; and if he has not strength enough to do it, (even) then he should (dislike it) from his heart and that is the least of faith.” (Sahih Muslim: 16)

It is clear from the above the duty of a Muslim in trying to stop a sinful act and the stages therein. However at the same time one should remember the advice Allah has given us when guiding and reminding one another. Allah states in the Quran, “Call people to the Way of your Rabb with wisdom and best advice, and reason with them, if you have to, in the most courteous manner: for your Rabb knows best who strays from His Way and He knows best who is rightly guided.” (Surah An Nahl: 125)

As mentioned above your responsibility is to carry on advising and calling one another towards good in the most courteous manner. It is Allah who alone guides and it is through his blessing a person understands religion. Allah states in the Quran, “O Prophet, you cannot give guidance to whom you wish, it is Allah Who gives guidance to whom He pleases… (Surah Al Qasas: 56)

And Allah knows best

Sayeedur Rahman

Darul Ifta Birmingham

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