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Zina & Taubah

Zakat on Cheques

Zakat on Investment property

Zakat Nisab

Ya Noor after Salah

Are women allowed to drive in normal circumstances (i.e. where there is no necessity)? In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful

Wife living with the husbands parents whilst he is studying

Wife blackmailed into khula

Why is it disliked according to the Hanafi fiqh for a slave and an illegitimate child to do imamat?

Why are there a lot of divorces

Who is a shaheed

Which parts of animal are haram

Which Day the Quran was revealed

Where should one look when standing in Salah

When a person dies why does one have to cover the mouth of the dead like with a string, is there any evidence for that?