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Can I send my kids to madrasa with girls wearing niqab and male teachers?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Darulifta-Deoband.com
Asalamo Alaikum,
There is a madrasa here and they have a very good Alim program at the boys school. However, at the girls school they do not have a purdah. The male teachers sit in the same room as the female Alimah students. Is it permissible for me to send my daughter to the girls school? Can I send my son to the boys school? Is it ok if the girls are wearing niqab in class infront of the male teachers?

(Fatwa: 218/L)

If they do not have purdah (Hijab, veil)  in the girls school and the male teacher sits in the same room with girl students then it is will not be allowed for you to send your daughter in this school; since it is compulsory to observe purdah from a man. The Holy Quran says:

واذا سالتموھن متاعا فاسئلوھن من وراء حجاب (القرآن)

وفي الدر المختار و تمنع المرأة الشابة من کشف الوجہ بین الرجال لا لانہ عورة بل لخوف الفتنة
2/79، ط زکریا دیوبند)

Also, as it unlawful for man to see a woman, it is unlawful for a woman to see a man. It is written in Ahkamul Quran:

قولہ قل للمؤمنات یغضضن من ابصارھن، قال ابن کثیر من ای عما حرم اللہ علیھن من النظر الی غیر ازواجھن و لھذا ذھب کثیر من العلماء الی انہ لایجوز للمراة النظر الی الرجال الاجانب بشھوة و لا بغیر شھوة اصلاً۔ (احکام القرآن، 3/422)

(1) Therefore, if the female students attend the class observing Hijab and male teacher sits before them then also it will be impermissible. Besides, there are many other evils which are as follow: (1) Being daily in the company of Ghair Mahram (a strange person/ not from immediate relative/ a person from whom marriage is allowed). (2) Sitting with him quite for a long time. (3) Consulting him time and again in order to solve education related matters. (4) In most cases teacher will call the names of the student and write her attendance. This may cause special attention and relation. In view of the above mentioned points, the safest way is to keep the girls in home and try to guide them to the necessary destination. The below four points may suffice to achieve the above targets:

(i) Tajweed-e-Quran (intonation of the Quran). (ii) Studying Bahishti Zewar (iii) Studying lectures and sermons of any perfect Shaikh. (iv) Training of keeping a house and getting habitual of it. These things may be difficult but such a difficulty is nothing if you are worried about Akhirah (life hereafter). We are bearing troubles and hardships thousand times more for worldly gains.

(2) You can send your children in boysingleQuos school if there is no other problem.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best
Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.

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